October 09, 2013

Happy New Year Greetings

New Year time is a special time to wish and greet people. This time of the year we send our greetings to friends, family and colleagues. If you are looking for some appropriate New Year Greetings then you are at the right place. Here we will mention the New Year greetings which you can use for your near and dear people.

Happy New Year 2015 Greetings

  1. There is no other time better than the New Year ...
    I wish you all my love and luck for the New Year and always.

  2. Mom taught me to be patient..
    Dad taught me to work hard…
    Today I realize that Success = Patience + Hard Work.
    On this New Year and everyday I take this opportunity to Thank You.
    Wish you a Happy New Year.
Happy New Year Greetings
Happy New Year Greetings
New Year Greetings for family
  1. This is the New Year time..
    The time to spend with MOM,
    The time to spend with DAD,
    The time to spend with siblings,
    Get together with all and celebrate New Year.

  2. New Year is all about being at home.
    The country road is calling..
    I am coming home.

New Year Greetings for love
  1. Wish you Happy New Year with all my love.
    Love you today and love you always.

  2. Let the sunshine shower all the warmth to you.
    Let the fresh flowers give its fragrance to you.
    Let God shower all her blessing to you.
    This is my wish for you on the New Year and always.

  3. I loved you yesterday,
    I love you today,
    I will love you tomorrow…
    And I will love you always ..
    This is a promise to you on the New Year and always.

New Year Greetings for all
  1. You cannot expect things to change.
    You have to struggle and make things happen.
    Give your best on this New Year and Always to get the Best.
    Wish you good luck on this New Year and always.

  2. George Bernard Shaw said that people can be divided into three groups.
    One who make things happen.
    One who watch things happen.
    One who wonders on what happened.
    But on this New Year I congratulate you to be the captain of the first group.

  3. If you have fallen down ….that is not the defeat. You will be defeated if you refuse to get up. Wish you a New Year and hope you get up steadily after every defeat.

  4. Have you noticed that the work Impossible says I’m possible. Wish you all the best possibilities on the New Year and everyday. Happy New Year.

  5. Give you best in whatever you do. The world is a stage and you need to perform. Wish you the best of performance on New Year and every day.

This article focused on the different messages which you can send out to your near and dear ones. The gift that you send, you can attach these messages to give the best feeling. Use the New Year greeting and wish your loved ones a Happy New Year.

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